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Thursday 1 June 2023

Taking Wing and Downtime Discount during June 2023 at Alternative Armies

June is here! Middle of the year and what a year it has been thus far. So much fun on the table, so much new and so many classics restored as well. 
You can have a dig back through our BLOG (right hand side column by month) to see what has been happening thus far. There is a great deal more to come and let us speak now of this new month and what will be going on. 
Until 1st July the 45mm tall any scale VNT48 Rock Monster is free automatically in every package sent out from us. Yes, free. No catch. If your order is shipped (no digital download only orders sorry) then this resin three piece miniature will be included. You can also purchase it if you wish and if you do you will still get a free one as well. 
As promised in the spring the unlimited run of the 1982 bonifide classic NB2 Dragon by Nick Bibby for Asgard Miniatures in resin rather than in metal is ready! It appeared 5th June 2023 at less than half the price of the limited 200 box only metal kit. It looks just like the metal one when built. Visit the website to see more.

June is Alternative Armies annual maintenance and staff leave month in 2023 so we will be closed from 7th June until 19th June with the lads all getting some rest or flying off somewhere (hence the taking wing as well as the Dragon). While we will not be answering any email or messages nor placing news or such we shall still be accepting orders which will ship once the open up again.
Loud Ninja Games has been working on some new releases in 15mm scale for their excellent range. From Ikwen (pictured above) to Yandrassi, Wasteland Raiders and more there will be a flying vehicle for the space raptor Chuhuac which will back up their array of infantry, bikes and battlesuits. This will be second half of the month and yes it will be taking wing! 
We are nearing the end of the 28mm Ion Age Range overhaul. During this month we will move near to completing the Shia Khan Empire with single options and saver packs for the Goblinoid Maligs, the elite Nox plus their platoon sets (with two miniatures included for free). As always the existing prices are in place until a code is overhauled. We are always fair. Above are the recently overhauled cyberscum known as the Betrayers! 
There will also be a new Flintloque release tied into En Garde in the second half of June. A Todoroni Duellist Officer sculpted by Nikki Chatwin (he of the recently Todoroni Servant and giant Toad Sapper). News on that at the time. 
We will be replacing our Deals and Offers temporary codes at the end of June so it is well worth a look if you wish to save (and 20% more until 20th June of course) off list. Flintloque, Erin, High Fantasy, Sci-fi, Laserburn as well as army packs and saver sets. More than 100 choices. 
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