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Wednesday 7 June 2023

Downtime Discount until 20th June 2023 at Alternative Armies

June is Alternative Armies annual maintenance and staff leave time in 2023. We will be closed from 7th June until 20th June with the lads all getting some rest or flying off somewhere (hence the taking wing as well as the Dragon references this month).  

While we will not be answering any email or messages nor placing news or such we shall be accepting orders which will commence shipping once more when we open up again.  As a treat while we take a wee rest there is 20% off all orders automatically at checkout (no code needed) from NOW until the morning of the 20th June UK time.  Visit the WEBSITE and have a browse.

Our Deals and Offers pages with over one hundred current choices feature our army packs, bundles, value packs and other saver codes as well as more than a dozen single codes with 5% to 50% off list.  These single codes will change end of this month as we refresh them with others. Something of interest to sci-fi, fantasy, historical, Flintloque and Sengoku players.

Our website is simply huge and we do our best to lay it out in an as easy to navigate way as possible.  On the left hand side of the site is the main menu split by scales, genres, systems and types as well as Information, our Blog and New Releases.  Where you see a little black downward pointing arrow this means a 'drop down' menu.  Just click on it and all the ranges within it will list out.  Then click on the ones which interest you.  Especially our 'Other Ranges' main menu tab within which are all the niche game systems and boutique ranges which fit nowhere else on the website.

Until the end of this month we have a new free resin model which is automatically put into any order shipped out. A 45mm tall three piece miniature of animated stone great for any scale Fantasy or Science Fiction settings.  Check out VNT48 Rock Monster (regular price 10.00GBP) (Centre above flanked by Crystal Elf and Erin Hero) for more details.

Thank you for your continued support and custom. Speak to you all in two weeks time!

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