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Monday 5 June 2023

NB2R Nick Bibby 1982 Dragon released as unlimited number resin kit

At the start of March 2023 Alternative Armies returned the world a lost classic of 1980's fantasy wargaming; the mighty NB2 Dragon by Asgard Miniatures.  Remastered in new molds and metal Nick Bibby's mighty monster was presented as a now sold out run of 200 numbered box sets each of which contained the dragon plus a saddle and rider.  At the time we promised that the dragon would be released later as an unlimited much cheaper resin version of the kit (NB3 Dragon Rider and NB4 Saddle were not limited) and that day has come!   See the WEBSITE for the Dragon as well as links to articles and more about it.

There was some work done to the Dragon to allow it to be converted to resin.  This is about 5% in total but in all honesty once assembled and painted these changes cannot be seen.  They were mainly alterations to the wings and thickening to the joint plugs for wings and neck.

NB2R Dragon by Nick Bibby resin kit

When assembled the Dragon is 190mm long, 150mm in height, with a wing span from 120mm to 140mm upward depending on build pose chosen.  

The Dragon is supplied in nine resin parts at 28mm scale (though it will work in other scales).  These are the body, the left wing, the right wing, the tail, the head and neck, left leg, right leg, claw and wrist, left foot, right foot.  It is a big model!

Here are two scale photos with 28mm and 15mm.  You can see just how large this model is!

Pictures of our own painted metal NB2 Dragon so you can see what it looks like all finished.  The saddle fits upon the neck and almost any Human sized rider fit for a horse will sit upon it.

This is our sole High Fantasy release for June 2023 and the company is on annual holiday and machine overhaul from the 7th June until 20th June and during that time we will not be shipping nor responding to contact (we will resume and answer once we return) but as a treat we have an automatic 20% discount off all orders at checkout (no code needed).  Oh and a free Rock Monster until 1st July as well.  Enjoy! 

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