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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Nox heavily armoured troops of the Khanate pt11 Ion Age 28mm overhauling

"The Nox.  Part of a Khanate Legion but also seemingly above and beyond it, the Nox are a law unto themselves to Human observers. Their Segmentum powered armour is superior to Retained Alwite and their reputation for brutality and evil well deserved. These are Legionaries assumed to be of greater age and experience. No Nox has been taken alive for interrogation. Whenever the Nox are encountered it means the Shia Khan are intent on winning at any cost. Tactical doctrine calls for the use of Desteria Knights against these ultimate Legionaries."

With only the Legionaries themselves remaining to be overhauled (this will be in July) we present the heavy hitting elite of the Shia Khan Empire in the 28mm Ion Age range.  Following on from the Malig Goblinoids we have the Nox.  A total of six remolded miniatures now single as well as two value packs. 

On the website you can browse the range page by page or look to the 'filter by' option above the first line of products.  Click on it and select what interests you. In this case 'Nox' or 'Value Pack' or 'Shia Khan' to narrow the shown codes.

IB37 Nox Troopers (Value Pack)

IA138 Nox Trooper advancing with Janus Blast Gun

IA139 Nox Trooper standing with Hydra Laser Shotgun

IA140 Nox Trooper firing Janus Blast Gun

IB42 Nox Command (Value Pack)

IA155 Nox Officer walking, open helm, Porus 18mm AP Rifle

IA156 Nox Tribune standing, Banner Pole, Porus 18mm AP Rifle

IA157 Nox Officer standing, pointing, Porus 18mm AP Rifle

As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  

IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles. Examples of the new pictures above.

These ornate power armoured troops carry heavy weapons and are more than a match for Retained Knights.  Above you can see a Planetary Militia Trooper (28mm tall) and a Desteria Knight with Nox in the centre for scale.

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