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Tuesday 20 June 2023

Malig Space Goblins of the Khanate pt10 Ion Age 28mm overhauling

"The Maligs...Vermin. Savage and cruel with a taste for the sadistic and prone to acts of lunacy and utterly needless violence, the name given to their small green or mottled brown humanoids is Malig. Taken from records which make frequent mention of these creatures, second only to Legionaries, their name suits them. They are malicious and deadly. Maligs are Goblinoids and, while shorter and weaker than Humans, they are numerous in the extreme. Rather than seeming to define a formation many Legions treat a horde of Maligs as an attached source of cannon fodder. Cunning, cowardly but rather effective at killing, given superiority in numbers and opportunity, the Maligs should not be underestimated. With second rate armour and weapons and also some rather odd contraptions, the Maligs are often the bane of Planetary Militia or unfortunate Muster patrols. They are the lowest rung on the command ladder along with Betrayers."
With only a few more overhaul parts still to come we present the cannon fodder of the Shia Khan Empire in the 28mm Ion Age Range. Following on to the Betrayer Humans we have the Maligs. Above you can see excellent value IP05 Malig Ordos which contains fifteen different miniatures with two of them being free. On the website you can browse the range page by page or look to the 'filter by' option above the first line of products. Click on it and select what interests you. In this case 'Malig Goblin' or 'Value Pack' or 'Shia Khan' to narrow the shown codes. 
IB33 Malig Goblinoid Infantry (Value Pack) 
IA123 Malig armed with Vesta Sword 
IA124 Malig armed with Juno Laser Rifle 
IA125 Malig with Cupid Laser Pistol 
IA126 Malig leaning forward with Juno Laser Rifle 
IA127 Malig with Cupid Laser Pistol 
IB49 Malig Goblinoid Predatis (Value Pack) 
IA180 Malig officer with twin Cupid Laser Pistols 
IA181 Malig with Sword and Cupid Laser Pistol 
IA182 Malig running with Cupid Laser Pistol 
IA183 Malig shouting, Cupid Pistol raised 
IA184 Malig with Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle 
IB50 Malig Goblinoid Conitors (Value Pack) 
IA185 Malig standing Hydra Laser Shotgun 
IA186 Malig standing Janus Blast Gun 
IA187 Malig running with Flora Grenade Gun 
IA188 Malig advancing with Maia 9.6mm Mpi 
IA189 Malig with Apollo Atomic Destabliser 
As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too. IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.  Here are a couple of examples.

Next up are the Nox; elite of the Legions. These ornate power armoured troops carry heavy weapons and are more than a match for Retained Knights
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