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Thursday 29 June 2023

Raxa Attack Ship 15mm Chuhuac Flyer release by Loud Ninja Games

There are more than seventy codes to choose from in the 15mm scale range by Loud Ninja Games which is manufactured by Alternative Armies. From the mind of Eli Arndt.  The famous Ikwen as well as the Yandrassi, Wasteland Mutants, Archon Mecha, Aliens and vehicles.  A new release adds the Raxa Light Attack Ship to this array as flying or landed back up for the Space Raptors named the Chuhuac.

The Chuhuac have infantry as well as command and grav bikes, battlesuits and ground vehicles all of which make for a really different 15mm force.  There are value packs too which give ready made platoons with a saving baked in.  There is also a 'herd' which gives you a bigger saving with a mighty mega lot of miniatures.  See all this on the Loud Ninja Games pages.

RAP051 Raxi Light Attack Ship:  This 15mm scale resin and metal vehicle kit gives you all the pieces to assemble a Chuhuac flyer in fight or landed on the ground.  A total of 34 Parts!  This gives many weapon load out options as well as in flight and landed legs.  Extra weapons can be added to the model or put in your bits box.  When assembled for flight the model has a 170mm wingspan, a 95mm length and 55mm total height.

Here is a look at all the parts which are supplied.

If you are looking to get started with the Space Raptors then we recommend RAP001P Chuhuac Platoon which gives you the infantry and from there you can add in vehicles and so forth.

Not often mentioned there are actually six different 28mm scale Chuhuac Space Raptors which are great for any game system.  These go really well with the Alternate Stars range for games such as Rogue Stars and Stargrave.

This is our last news for June 2023 and we hope you enjoyed it.

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