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Sunday 4 June 2023

Ion Age 28mm and 3D Roleplay Con III results!

One of the most looked forward to conventions focused on that classic age of wargaming has taken place and it is our pleasure to present to you the results as well as some pictures.  Also the winners of the 28mm Ion Age Range packs of miniatures given by us freely as prizes.  Over to Hank Richardson (You can find these guys on Instagram too) from Portland, Oregan two weekends ago...

“3D Roleplay Convention III was a very great success!  We had over 15 events across all 3 days of gaming. We played Space Hulk, HeroQuest, Man O' War, Space Fleet, Rogue Trader, Adeptus Titancius (1988), Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, & many more! 

The first day we had several great games of Space Hulk (where the marines actually managed to take many victories, oddly enough!) and an exciting game of Space Fleet. Man O'War was also enjoyed plus Heroquest. 

The second day was a massive six player and Games Master battle of Rogue Trader, with an original scenario that had an Imperial planet in a state of civil war. The confederates had two massive siege cannons deployed & the Imperial governor sent forces to drop in & take them out with explosive charges. The strike team was all Ion Age Muster Troops & the governor & his retinue were Marcher Baron models from Ion Age. 

There was a massive Horus Heresy siege of the imperial palace game using 6mm Warlord, Reaver & Warhound titans from the old Adeptus Titanicus game of 1988.

Lots of smaller games were played throughout the weekend and we ended the last day of the convention with a massive twelve player Warhammer siege game. It was epic.  There are photo highlights of the convention (in addition to prize winner shots). Thank you again so much to Alternative Armies for your support and sponsorship of our convention. We are very grateful.”

It looked like an excellent weekend from all the way over here in Scotland.  We are so happy that the prizes went down well and we have confirmed that we are happy to sponsor again next year!

We hope you enjoyed this little look at 3D Roleplay Con III 2023 results.



  1. Great table set up, classic look. The new Militia sculpts look amazing

    1. Thanks. Yes it looked excellent fun. Thanks for that, many more new to come. You would not believe it was Andy Cooper 1991 and then Sam Croes 2023 as the originals are so like the brand new.

  2. The "old timey" cylindrical buildings sure do accent that "Rogue Trader" feel.

    1. They certainly do and they look lovely with it as well. Proper stuff.