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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Battlefield Bits range adds 28mm Horses plus Hippos

By customer request and now added to the Battlefield Bits and More collection on the website are more mounts and limber beasts from the vast World of Valon 28mm range.  Horses and Hippos which can be used by Elves, Todoroni, Orcs or any Human sized rider.  See all there is HERE which is Bits & Sprues as well as many other items to put on your table.

From the Elves of Armorica are five different horses and from the Orcs of Albion four different horses. Then the Todoroni of Nepolise provide two Hippos and the Dogmen of Ostaria present two different horses.  Each of these can be had in any quantity on its page by selecting the one you want on the drop down menu.

We are always happy to hear from players and customers so if you have a suggestion or wish to see something from one of our thousands of codes available as a single piece then contact us.  By email to or by any of our social media such as our Facebook Group or Forum.  Alternative Armies will also consider commissions to sculpt new models for a range (a new release this week is one such see 56119).  Ask for details.

Every order this month gets a free 5024 Escape the Dark Czar miniature, a Zombie randomly chosen from the six poses in the beginners set.  Read about this on our BLOG and Begin in Flintloque if adventure interests you....

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