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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Grey Alien Disc Riders new HOF 15mm packs released

Following up on the doubling of the size of the Grey Alien forces in the HOF Range last month with sixteen more infantry poses we now release some more 'mobile' aliens.  Disc Riders!  There are now nearly forty poses in this part of the range. Our thanks to veteran wargamer Fred Richards for his contributions to the new Greys.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.

Grey Aliens are an enigmatic race of small, bulbous-headed, and highly intelligent aliens, the Greys are primarily scientists rather than soldiers, but sometimes come into conflict with other races when competing for resources, or when seeking to establish possession of a particular site for temporary and mysterious purposes. Their unauthorised experimental activities on live subjects who have usually been abducted can also provoke a hostile military response from races who have been subjected to such intrusions. Indeed, the Greys appear to regard the rest of the universe like their own enormous laboratory. More warlike races despise Grey reluctance to cause casualties, a sign of weakness, but the Greys have been reluctantly forced to train combat teams and actual soldiers as their ability to evade detection is declining. A Grey stands at approximately four feet in height and has light grey skin with black almond eyes and favours uniform suits of a silver and blue colour.

Each of the new packs can be had as a pack or as singles in any amount by choices on the page.  There is also a code to get the Grav Disc's on their own. See GREYS here.

HOF152 Grey Alien Disc Riders

A pack of four different 15mm scale metal miniatures each in two pieces.  Grey Alien with Energy Pistol (A), Grey Alien with support size Energy Weapon (B), Grey Alien with Energy Rifle ready (C) and Grey Alien with Energy Rifle firing (D).  All wear a control helmet to guide the discs.  Four identical discs are included.

HOF157 Grey Alien Disc Rider Command

A pack of four different 15mm scale metal miniatures each in two pieces.  Grey Alien Officer in cloak pointing (A), Grey Alien with Comms Gear (B), Grey Alien with Scanner (C) and Grey Alien with Energy Capture Matrix cannon levelled (D).  All wear a control helmet to guide the discs.  Four identical discs are included.

HOF152A Grav Discs (10)

This sub code gives you a pack of ten identical metal grav discs or the option of single purchase.  The disc is one piece including flight stick and stands 15mm tall.  Its flat top with ridge will accept most 15mm scale Human sized miniatures as riders.  If you wish to have some more 'mobile' troops then this is for you!

Here is a scale picture of a Grey Alien overlord and to a Human trooper of the SFA (Security Force Alpha) either side of the new Grav Disc rider.  These popular codes let you see how tall each is and additionally all of the bases are 20mm round resin from our Bases range.

A very different and special army we are working our way towards the largest selection of almond eyed monotone little aliens you have ever seen.  Thank you for your custom and more releases next month for the Grey Alien Invasion! 

This is our last news of the month. Thanks for Reading!


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