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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Concrete Barriers and Barrels new 15mm release

Need a road blocked or a hasty defensive works put in place? Sculpted by Christian Cuello (he who created Barkhoven and Valon Civilians). See FMS06 in our Battlefield Bits range (28mm and 15mm useful things) or in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range (where it joins our Tents, Cans and Boxes, Body Bags etc).

FMS06 Concrete Barriers and Barrels.  This code contains six different 15mm resin pieces giving you a series of concrete barriers and barrels.  Just the thing for modern, near future, science fiction and other gaming.  

You can select a set of six pieces or using the menu on the page select any of the pieces (A to F) in any quantity allowing total choice! Go HERE.

As you can see these go really well with Security Force Alpha miniatures (remember he is on a 20mm round base thus the added height).

Enemy is incoming!  Female SFA troopers get ready behind their barricades.

Have you seen HOF122 Media Team?  If you are planning an urban campaign then reporters might well be a cool addition.  All of our non-military 15mm codes in the HOF range can be seen on the CIVILIAN tag for the range.

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