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Thursday, 10 September 2020

Traders and Entertainers return to the Torture Chamber range

Now re-mastered and back in the world more classic poses in the 28mm Torture Chamber range.  We have just about brought back every pose and set which was around in the 1980's and later this year we will unveil several codes which were made for this setting but were never released (yes never seen before!).  Today's news gives you characters which go along with the ladies in the Harem set and would go well with The Rack or The Whipping Beam for instance.

Each of these miniatures can be had in the pack or on its own as well.  Go HERE.

TOR15pt3 Harem and Slave Market Pt3 Trader and Entertainers

This classic pack is the third of several to bring you the Slave Market and Harem characters in the Torture Chamber collection. It contains five 28mm scale miniatures as follows. Dancing Girl (1), the Slave Master (2), Harem Eunuch Guard (3), Girl with Fan (4) and Sitting Musician (5). These miniatures are for use in dioramas or dungeon crawl type games and settings. Painted examples shown on 25mm square bases.

The Inquisitor on the Throne.  There is a lot in this range for both fantastical and historical wargaming.  All of the sets can be had as a pack or pieces from them if you wish to craft your own visions of the setting.  Go HERE.

These are all of our 28mm fantasy releases for this month but you can check out the re-mastered and expanded Orc Rock Band just now before we talk about it in a couple of weeks time.

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