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Monday, 12 October 2020

Free Flintloque Micro Scenario for your free Tree Demon this month

“Branches clumped and wend together into arms with reaching wooden fingers.  It towered over the Dogman and as the tree moved its trunk split into an opening mouth.  Van Barkin stumbled as he moved backwards but training took over and he brought his carbine around and aimed at the tree. With a sharp bang and a thump the lead ball smacked into the tree and the other Dogmen woke with a start.”

It is my pleasure to present a micro scenario for Flintloque players that ties into the free model in every order this month from Alternative Armies.

Stick it to the Dogs – Micro Scenario: Becoming lost in the spooky forest a section of Pudigrochumsberg Dogmen awaken to find that a Tree Demon, a monster of Wylde Magicke, has decided to destroy them for entering its domain.  A two page PDF which you can download from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.  See all the free files we have on our FREE DOWNLOADS page.

While it is the 56588 Rache Carabiniers who feature in this scenario it will work well with any small section of troops if you prefer to use Elves or Orcs for instance from your collection.  Monsters are rare during the Mordredian Wars but Valon is a strange world and they do crop up.

Read on our BLOG in full.  Free Tree Demon automatically included in every order shipped during October 2020.  Great for many scales and settings.

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