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Monday, 26 October 2020

Fuel Tank 01 6mm new at Bradley Miniatures

Our 6mm scale release this month is from Bradley Miniatures who add another code to their growing range.  This time it is the Fuel Tank which provides objectives and visual interest on your battlefield in any game system.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more about this new code and the range.

This liquid storage tank is a typical sight at any aerospace facility across Terranic space. Use it to represent liquid tritium fuel, unstable hydrazine propellant, or whatever your spaceport needs to keep your aerospace ships in the air.

BR034 Fuel Tank 01: A single highly detailed resin model in 6mm scale.  It could be empty or it could contain highly volatile gas or perhaps something even more vital.  The model is 35mm tall and 30mm across.  No assembly required and supplied unpainted.

Here you can see the Fuel Tank flanked by a Tiger Combat Walker and the mighty Sekmet Assault Rig mecha.  Above the Fuel Tank is in play as a Stalker Missile Carrier and Nemian Assault Tank in desert colours make their way past it.

No matter which science fiction or modern game system you play in 6mm you will find something of interest in the Bradley Miniatures range.  Here is the current list of pack codes each of which comes as a single model or in a pack from which you can select a single if you wish to tailor your army to exact numbers.  Go HERE.

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