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Thursday, 22 October 2020

General Koda and Aide very limited edition released!

Our last release into the World of Valon this month is a very limited edition pack of 250 numbered sets. Inspired by a long time fans of Flintloque and Slaughterloo Bob and Lynn McAlister there are two new Dog Soldiers sculpted by Sam Croes.  Go HERE for our range of Limited Editions or read on for more and for a the free one page insert for VLE14.

VLE14 General Koda and Aide:  The fourteenth VLE (Very Limited Edition) pack contains two metal miniatures in 28mm scale (approx 30mm in height). A male Dogman and a female Dogman.  Light infantry officers of the Saxhunde Army useful there or in any Ostarian or Confederation of Finklestein force. Limited to 250 Numbered Packs only and then the molds will be destroyed. A collectors item.  Supplied with resin cartouche bases.

A two page free download insert for VLE14 which has game rules and background for these characters.  CLICK HERE to get it from our website server for your files.

LE022 Rudolfs Raiders painted by Mark Taylor

Alternative Armies has a wide selection of limited editions which are favoured by collectors.  They depict famous leaders, commanders, odd ball characters as well as seasonal specials and promotional figures.  While none are vital to playing the games they do add interest.  Each is supplied in a pack with its unique number written on its insert.  We also have a 'swop drawer' which contains any sold out limited packs which have been traded back to us or returned from store stock or other places.  This changes weekly but if you are looking for a certain code then contact us on and ask.  We sell them at face value compared to other in stock limited codes.

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