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Thursday, 29 October 2020

October 2020 Month Round Up

Now that all our releases are made and all free reading and articles are published we would like to remind you of everything we have presented this action packed month before we enter November.  Follow through to anything you like the look of and keep in mind some offers are time sensitive such as the month long free item in orders.

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Free Tree Demon in every order shipped in October at Alternative Armies. Yes free; no catch. Normally 6.50GBP great for 28mm, 15mm and 6mm scale fantasy as well as sci-fi settings. Added automatically.  Go HERE or read on our BLOG in full.

New in the Sengoku 15mm range!  Fearsome Oni and conversion options with tails.  Go HERE.

Off with your head!  The Terror!  The last classic 1980's Torture Chamber 28mm code is re-released.  Get parts or the set.  Note adult themes. Go HERE.

HOF Fire Team is now a digital download with its book and game tiles.  Generic 15mm grid warfare in any setting written by Bob Minadeo.  Go HERE for more and for links to free files, online resources and thanks to Orcs in the Webbe all of the original free scenarios and solo rules back online. 

Some free reading for the free Tree Demon this month.  Flintloque players a new micro scenario.  Go to our BLOG to read more and to download it for your files collection. 

Grey Aliens atop mechanical suits!  Eight new poses (40mm tall assembled) adding to the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range.  The Grey Army continues to grow now with seventeen packs to choose from.  Two packs of spider suits and a single pose selector too. Go to our BLOG or HERE for the miniatures.

A new release Major Giglamps of Afri! A character officer foot and mounted for the army of Greate Britorcn.  A pack plus single choices from it.  A two page free Uniformation article with game rules and fiction as well.  From the mind of Bob Minadeo.  Go to our BLOG for the full article or to the WEBSITE.

Mullo AFV's in production and stock! Tracked, Repulsar and Wheeled each with three different turret load outs included. Also three APC troop carrier variants too.  New pictures on website HERE and game rules are in Callsign Taranis expansion to Patrol Angis HERE. Pictured with 15mm Cold Climes Planetary Militia IAFP11.  Plus deal on the price until months end.

Andy Jefcoate's 23rd Flintloque article is live and this time it is all about Dogmen Engineers in play.  Go to our BLOG to read the article about painting, playing and fielding these figures in the Witchlands against the Undead and a bridge.  The Dogman Engineers are a set which can also be had as parts in any amount containing Mounted Officer, Pack Horse, Engineers and Box of Bombes see that HERE

New very limited edition release for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Voltiguer General Koda plus his Aide (who has a secret).  Go to our BLOG for more information plus to download the two page free insert with story and game rules.  A great collectors item see the limited range HERE

New 6mm from Bradley Miniatures!  Fuel Tank 01. Sci-fi awesome in this range HERE.

New 15mm Landsknect Pikes. Go HERE. Read in full on our BLOG. More in months to come! 

Thanks for reading and see you in November.


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