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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Tree Demon free in every October order at Alternative Armies

"If you go down to the woods today you better go with some allies. Its no picnic in the Darkling woods my fellows. Centuries ago a wicked mage lived in those woods the kind of magic wielder who would turn you to stone just for looking in his direction. A really nasty piece of work that got his powers from the planes of unreality. But he met a good end at sword tip delivered by a band of mercenaries that were hired for the job. The rub though is that upon his end the mage detonated in a rush of rainbow magic that spread out through the forest. By the time those hired swords were making for the edges of the woods there were dozens of demonically possessed trees chasing them. Yes, trees with evil spirits can move and move fast. Grabbing at you with long sharp wooden fingers and chewing you with bark fused teeth. If your going down to to the woods today...leave me out of it.”

Standing 40mm tall and in three easy parts to assemble (you can bend the arms to many poses) you can use the VNT5 Tree Demon in your 28mm fantasy games, your 15mm fantasy games as well as science fiction and semi-historical in those scales.  Heck it even works in 6mm scale too.  Very useful monster.  Here are some comparison images with our Medus Range, the HOT Range as well as 28mm Alternate Stars and 15mm Ion Age.

You need do nothing but order and it will be included.  You can order as many times in the month as you wish.  No minimum spend but it must be a physical order so if you only order paid Digital Download books you will not get this free model.  

Worth 6.50GBP you can also order the Demonic Tree as normal and you will get what you order plus a free one too.

News from Alternative Armies for October 2020

You might have just read the above in this article and!  A free monster!  I will tell you how we choose our free code for the month to explain this and as I have been asked as well.  We have a list of six possibles and we roll a D6 to choose it.  True and very wargamer eh!  Next time around the selected code is removed and another added and the roll is made again.  So we never know for sure what it will be and it means something possibly radically different each time.  Typically there will be a Fantasy, Flintloque, Science Fiction, 15mm, 6mm and Ion Age item on the list of varying value.  

The exception to this is when we have a brand new miniature created just for a free offer (such as Kalene and Santanyan).

Alternative Armies sells many thousands of painted miniatures every year to wargamers in the form of singles, skirmishing bands, units and entire armies for Slaughterloo and HOTT plus The Ion Age.  If we have it then it is almost certain we will offer it painted if asked.  We have ever changing stock of ready to ship painted codes which you can see on Pro-Painted Fantasy, Pro-Painted Valon, Pro-Painted Science Fiction and lastly Pro-Painted Historical and Myth.  As well as this stock we paint for customers to order.  Our last shipping globally for painted miniatures each year is about the 9th of December.  We are now asking those keen on getting a quote for painting to contact us on with their list of proposed codes.  Our prices are very reasonable and include the miniature, its painting, its base, scenic basing effect and varnish (if you wish it) plus secure freight.  It is first come first booked until our team of painter ladies is up to capacity the for December cut off.

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  1. I ordered some miniatures last night. Will the Demon Tree be included or is it too late?

    1. You have the free Tree Demon if you order was placed before the Mega Event began at 9.30am GMT today, you would have gotten a 15% discount after that. If not then you have the Tree Demon. Thanks. GBS