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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

TOR17 The Guillotine re-mastered and released

We are continuing our project to bring classic ranges back to the world and this time we present the last of the commonly available 1980's Torture Chamber 28mm codes; the Guillotine.  As with all the other codes in this range it contains adult themes and single pieces from packs can be had on the page for that code.  Go HERE.

TOR17 The Guillotine. This pack contains all the 28mm metal pieces needed to assemble a guillotine as well as a resin platform for the machine to stand upon (eight pieces in total) and two other pieces those being the Executioner and the Victim. There is also a severed head in a bowl which can be placed as pleased.  When build the machine of death is 90mm tall and stands 30mm wide. 

Here are views of the models as you can see it is a rather special piece.  Great for fantasy or historical settings in wargaming or diorama (The Terror anyone?). The machine itself can fit any kneeling victim or it can be left without one; make your choice while assembling. The Executioner is standing next to a ground borne lever which will drop the blade.  The victim is a bound and kneeling nude woman.  A bowl contains a severed head.  You can have the machine on its own, or the executioner, the bowl or the victim select your option on page HERE.

We have now completed all of the released codes from this range.  There are a few more releases to come later this year which will be codes never before seen and have been dormant in molds for nearly forty years!

Read on our BLOG in full.  Free Tree Demon automatically included in every order this month.  Great for many scales and settings.

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