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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

New 15mm Landsknecht Light Heavy and Armoured Pike

Alternative Armies now expands the Altuos 15mm Renaissance Range with new miniatures added to the 150 poses that already exist.  Sculpted in the same style and to the same fineness as the original range these new Landsknects mean there are now Marching, Middle Rank and Front rank for Light Pike, Heavy Pike and Armoured Pike.  Nine 15mm poses.  Go HERE for the range which covers late 15th century through to the 17th century and look through all the miniatures.

Every miniature in the whole range including 15mm buildings, walls and tents plus horses and artillery as well as cavalry and infantry can be had as a single meaning total control of your army for your chosen game system. We also have the Furioso Renaissance wargame rules with its Italian Wars expansion by Steve Danes.  These books can be had in print or as digital downloads at twenty percent less.

MR118 Landsknect Armoured Pike

MR119 Landsknect Armoured Pike Middle Rank

MR120 Landsknect Armoured Pike Front Rank

MR26 Landsknect Heavy Pike

MR121 Landsknect Heavy Pike Middle Rank

MR122 Landsknect Heavy Pike Front Rank

MR27 Landsknect Light Pike

MR123 Landsknect Light Pike Middle Rank

MR124 Landsknect Light Pike Front Rank

We hope you enjoy these expanded choices for pikes.  Next month in 15mm Renaissance wargaming we will be bringing you further new Renaissance releases in 15mm scale for your Landsknects do not just fight with pikes across Europe.

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