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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Alternative Armies page of deals and special offers

Alternative Armies has a page on the website dedicated to collecting all of the best savings from across every range and scale.  It has a core of bundles and value packs and each month other single codes are placed upon it and removed.  Discounts range from ten percent through to a rare fifty percent off list price.  Go HERE and see the sixty odd choices currently there.

All of the prices on this page represent a saving and it is important to note that when you reach the checkout with your order then any manually entered discount code you have which is valid or an over arching event discount (such as January Storm or March to War events) will be applied ON TOP of the special price.  Excellent!  You then move onto world region and shipping and checkout.

Almost every range we have is represented. Our 28mm High Fantasy, our 15mm Fantasy and Buildings, our 15mm Historicals and Furioso system, Ganesha Games as well as The Ion Age plus Bradley 6mm and many others including classic Barbarians and Grinning Skull oddities.  A lot of choice.

Currently the classic 15mm Tabletop Games fantasy Rhinosaurs are on offer alongside Flintloque codes such as Trolkin Civilians.  These will be removed from the page at the end of the month but all the bundles will remain.  During January 2021 you automatically get 15% off your order at checkout too for the January Storm event!

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