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Monday, 4 January 2021

January Storm 2021 event at Alternative Armies

The wind blows and the skies are dark..the January Storms are here.  As we lurk indoors to stay out of the rain, snow and cold our month long event ends at 9am GMT 1st February 2021.  January Storm!  Go to the WEBSITE and have a browse down to the left hand menu and within them sub-menu’s to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more.

15% Off Every Order At Checkout:  Once you have put everything into your cart proceed to checkout. Once there our website automatically deducts fifteen percent from the cart total on screen before payment is made.  This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site AND if the product is already discounted (such as a value pack) then this discount will apply on top!  In example all digital titles are 20% less than print and you will get a further 15% off them during the event.  Or our Slaughterloo DAP's are 15% less than single miniature composition purchase and thus 30% less during the event. Note you may not use any other manually entered discount code during the event.

Brand New 28mm Miniature Free:  The Weeping Banshee is a fantastic character for any game system and it comes automatically free in every package sent out by us during January 2021.  You need do nothing other than order a physical product (digital only orders do not count sorry) and you can order the miniature itself as well if you wish and you will still get a free one too!  Worth 3.00GBP.  See the miniature HERE.

New Releases: During this event there are eight new releases in 15mm and 28mm. See them all in NEW RELEASES.  You will also find the ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY codes brought to the website since last March in case you missed anything.

28mm Scale

FL24 Winter and Summer Heroines

56598 Zahnner Dogman Hussars 

5024M Escape the Dark Czar in Metal & 5024 Escape the Dark Czar Game Booklet

TOR18 Trees of Death  (Adult Content Warning)

MPS9 Wagon Set

                15mm Scale

HOF156 Grey Alien Combat Saucer Kit

(Page 3 of the range for Artillery and Gunners)

Deals and Offers:  We keep all of our biggest savings in one place across all our ranges. See them HERE. Save up to half price on these. Those keen on our Slaughterloo game system should visit it’s page HERE where divisional army packs already with a saving are all listed.  Offers from 10% to 50% off (Rhinosaurs 25% off, Trolkin Civilians 50% off) and many more. Well worth checking out. 

We accept many forms of payment through our website such as Paypal and Credit Cards plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question please make contact on or go to our Facebook Group or MeWe page or our Forum.

Thanks for Reading and enjoy the January Storm!


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