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Thursday, 14 January 2021

HOF156 Grey Alien 15mm Combat Saucer released

A new multiple load out pack in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range and the growing Grey Alien Army.  Following up on the portable weapon platform, the grav skimmer, the Arachnid Suits, the Lift Disc Riders and four new packs of infantry the Greys are a force to be reckoned with with more than fifty five poses.  From the mind of veteran wargamer Fred Richards in partnership with Alternative Armies.  Go HERE for the range or HERE for a narrower result of all the Grey Aliens.

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Above you can see a squadron of saucers racing over the land loaded up with different weapons and accompanied by a trio of Dominator Spheres robotic allies of the Greys.

HOF156 Grey Alien Combat Saucer. One Saucer Kit supplied with Five Weapon Loadout choices. Look at our builds as examples or mix and match to your taste! The archetypal vehicle of the Greys a one man saucer.  Comes with separate dome so that it may be open with crew shown (highly detailed interior with Grey pilot) or closed.  Saucer is in resin and dome is metal. Saucer is approx 30mm diameter across the widest part and approx 16mm tall from the base to the top of the fitted metal dome. This pack includes five different weapon sets which are shown here mounted on the saucer.  You can mount them the same way or mix and match them.  Go HERE.

Here is a scale picture of Grey Alien infantry, a Lift Disc rider, a Dominator Sphere plus the Grav Skimmer and Saucer.

HOF155 Dominator Spheres. This pack contains three metal kits each composed of a robotic body propelled by tentacles and a sprue of six different limbs which can be added in any of the six mounting slots and bent to your choice of pose meaning huge variety.  Limbs are: Grabbing Claws, Circular Saw, Laser Cutter and Energy Blaster. Each model is 20mm to top of body and with limbs added can be up to 35mm tall. You may purchase a pack or a single sphere kit.  Go HERE.

While our GNATS are giant mecha in the service of Humanity there is also a war machine of size which can be put alongside your Grey Aliens.  HOF142 Mecha X1 comes with two head options and stands 90mm tall.

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