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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

MPS9 Wagon Set classic 28mm Tabletop Games added to Guild Room

We are busy working away on many projects (not as many as normal though and smaller) and among these is the 'Guild Room' where classic 28mm scale scenics and sets are returned to the world.  The Tabletop Games range was created in the 1980's and is beloved all over the world.  Gradually it is returning.  Today it is the turn of the Wagon Set which is now a pack and parts of pack in any quantity.  It joins the entire Wizards Workshop collection and other pieces already in the Guild Room HERE.

MPS9 Wagon Set

Contains metal miniatures which are a two wheeled cart which can be left open at the rear or closed.  A Mule which fits between the spars of the cart or can be used on its own.  A Wagonner with arm raised to lead the Mule.  A Woman with swaddled Baby.  Great for any game system.

You can purchase the set or parts of the set choosing from the wagon only (body, wheels, rear piece), a pair of wagon wheels only, the mule only, the wagonner only or the woman with baby only.  Consult the images to make your choice on the page.

Get on over for shelves, potions, books, candles, skulls and much more at the Guild Room and if you are keen on larger scenics in 28mm then check out our Napoleonique Fantasy range of barricades, wagons and other scatter terrain.

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