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Friday, 8 January 2021

Zahnner Dogman Hussars released for Flintloque

 "A new regiment raised after the ruination of Pudigrochumsberg and outfitted for the ongoing war against Ostaria. They are fine riders and many of the troopers were taken from the depots of the Hundmorder Dragoons. Used for scouting and harassing the enemy the Zahnner are a fang in the side of the enemy."

A new cavalry unit for all players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo who have Pudigrochumberg or Confederation of Finklestein or even Ostarian Empire forces of Dogmen.  As with all codes you can choose from a pack or a single trooper or a full unit with a saving tailoring your collection.  These troops feature in 5028 Beir & Bones and 5030 Slaughterloo.  

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59598 Zahnner Dogmen Hussars

This code contains five different metal poses of 28mm scale Dogmen mounted on Horses.  An officer with hand raised, a musician with horn, a standard bearer and two poses of sword armed troopers all in the same hussar uniform.  When assembled they stand about 35mm to the eyeline.  Go HERE.

“A blackened and burned land is all that remains of the once thriving kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg the victims of the Ostarian Emperor Klaffenhund’s madness.  In an attempt to gain popularity during the Ferach Revolution the Emperor decided to test his newly uniformed in white and musket armed Dog soldiers against this prosperous nation.  The few ready corps of troops that the  Houndian King Bonio of Pudigrochumsberg could bring to battle were scooped up and binned after a few weeks of campaigning.  Klaffenhund the head of the Yapsburg dynasty would accept no surrender and ordered the sacking of every city in their land and sowed salt into the fields. King Bonio and several regiments escaped and sought refuge with the Elves becoming a small force sworn to destroy the Ostarians at any opportunity.  Some Pudigroan soldiers with  Finklesteiner assistance fight on in their  ravaged country in attempts to dislodge the Ostarians unfortunate enough to be assigned garrison duty in Pudigrochumsberg.” - The Ruined Kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg

Uniformation – The Army of Pudigrochumsberg

A free six page army booklet to download for the Dogman kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg. Background, profiles, regiments, statistics and more.  A great resource for Flintloque and Slaugherloo players which includes these new Hussars.  CLICK HERE to download to your device.  See all of our other downloads on the FREE RESOURCES page.

Have you seen the rest of the Pudigroan Dogmen?  Check them out for Grenadiers, Line, Skirmishers, Cavalry, Artillery, Command and more HERE.

This is our release for the World of Valon this month.

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