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Thursday, 7 January 2021

FL24 Winter and Summer 28mm Heroines completed

Those who are fans of Alternative Armies know that we place a lot of value on customer service and that we like to give a wee something extra free to those spending their hard earned coin with us.  The team appreciates this and their families do too; now more than ever.  Today I am delighted to announce the full pack of all five poses of FL24 Winter and Summer Heroines has now been released.  See it in our 28mm Adventurers and Wizards range of codes HERE.  Read on for more.

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Over more than eighteen months this new pack was sculpted one pose at a time by our lead designer Sam Croes beginning with the Midsummer Druidess and ending now with the Weeping Banshee.  Each miniature was given away freely worldwide for a month at a time totaling several thousand miniatures. We realised thus that many will now have the poses they want but perhaps not and perhaps you missed one or want more.

“Ladies of Magic and of Mystery"

Five different 28mm metal and resin female miniatures. Poses in this code are as follows:

FL24-01: Midsummer Druidess (Miniature One).

FL24-02: The Witch Carline (Miniature Two).

FL24-03: Kalene Barbarian Priestess (partially nude) (Miniature Three).

FL24-04: Ice Queen (Miniature Four).

FL24-05: Weeping Banshee (Miniature Five).

Perhaps you have an idea for another pack of miniatures like these as monthly free included?  If you do then we would welcome your input to to tell us about it.

If you would like a multitude of 28mm Adventurers and Wizards with a discount in one place then we have that.  See it HERE.

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