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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Flintloque free Elf Flags plus in March remastered expanded Classic Packs

When a customer purchases painted miniatures for Flintloque or Slaughterloo from us we ask if they would like a flag mounted upon the standard bearers pole in units which have that choice.  Most line, grenadier and cavalry codes have a banner bearer and the Elves of Armorica are no different.  The sons of the Emperor Mordred are out to conquer all of Valon and their flags lead the way.  By fan request here are the flags we typically use in a format which you can see and also download to print.  Go HERE for the figures to which these flags relate.

If you would like more of these flags then by all means tell us which nations and armies.  Email to titled 'flags' and let us know.

Flags of the Armorican Elves (2021): This one page PDF is in a zip file alongside the same page as a hi-rez image.  Each flag is sized for a typical banner on Armorican Elf figures such as 51029 and 51041. Feel free to take this file apart and use it as you will.  Most of these flags are designed to be printed at most one inch square and typically less than that.  Easy to see on the gaming table.  Download by CLICKING HERE from our server.

One of the greatest things about Flintloque is that any miniature made for it at any time is still totally valid to play the game!

With most of Alternative Armies projects for new miniatures and books on hold until life returns to normal (though there are projects underway oh yes and these begin in April just you wait) a decision was taken to remaster many classic packs for Flintloque as a group.  While most of this work is mold replacement some of it is not.  Above for instance you can see two figures from 51006 7th Command of the Garde. Those very familiar with Flintloque will recognise Major Peere D'Kless the Ferach Spymaster with glasses.  But we have discovered another version of the figure without glasses.  While damaged in its origination mold it has been repaired by us and will be added to the pack!  So if Captain Sharke gets ahold of D'Kless he can choose to break his specs or not. Codes remastered include those of the 62nd Foot (54000,54007,54010) and Elves (51029,51041) plus Joccian and Guinalean Rebels and Willorc Brooke the unique officer from Flintloque Reloaded out of production since 2008.  All of these will appear in March on the website with pictures.  If you are keen for a full list contact us on and we will provide it.  Flintloque fans will see a lot of favourites once more and some not seen ever or for a long time too.

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  1. Brilliant it is a never ending banquet of Brilliant figure's

    1. Most kind of you sir. One of the largest ranges of miniatures for any game ever made and it keeps on growing with the support of its players and fans. Thank you. GBS