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Thursday, 25 February 2021

HOB1 Five 15mm Human Buildings new pictures

Everyone needs somewhere to live even if they are only in fifteen millimetres tall.  While our Ion Age Terrain range gives you buildings for alien planets it is to the HOB 15mm Buildings range we go for fantasy and historical settings from horse and musket back to medieval and imagi-nations.  These are also in our expanding 15mm Renaissance Range too.  Go HERE to see all the Human and Orc buildings.  Great for your table.

There are five different human buildings from the hovel of the lowest to the big house of the wealthy.  Single buildings or a value set of all five with a saving.  We have brand new pictures of these all painted and with 15mm miniatures for scale.  The scale miniatures are from the Medus medieval range.  Enjoy the pictures and if on our blog click them to make them larger.  These pictures are on the site too within the product page for each building along with dimensions.

HOB1A Small Hovel

HOB1B Big Hovel

HOB1C Small House

HOB1D Tall House

HOB1E Large House

This is our last news for the month of and we look forward to bringing a lot more tabletop fun to wargamers in March.  See you then!

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