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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Japanese Peasants 15mm Sengoku range released

Sculpted by John Bell and now added to the now one hundred and sixty poses in the Sengoku range we have a pack and four single poses of Nōmin or Hyakushō which are great for the Monster Hunter rules or indeed any 15mm scale game system suitable themed.  Go HERE for the range.

The main role of peasants in Feudal Japan was to grow crops and engage in the work on making items. Rice was the most important food that almost all farmers produced. Peasants were categorized into different social levels. Nearly half of the rice grown by the farmers was taken to the local Diamyo. Craftsmen worked with metal and wood and played a vital role in making swords.  All peasants turned to the Samurai when threatened though they would take up arms (tools they owned) if the need arose.  When it comes to fighting Yokai..they would be fortunate indeed if a Monster Hunter came to their aid.

Go HERE for the pack of twelve miniatures mixed which is SGFP45 Japanese Peasants (you have a small saving in this pack) and here are the single codes which you can also see in the Sengoku range.

SGF157 Japanese Peasant with Hook

SGF158 Japanese Peasant with Hoe

SGF159 Japanese Female Peasant

SGF160 Japanese Humble Peasant 

We are in the midst of building up to 'Set VIII' in the range and there will be further releases in March with the entire set in April 2021.

If you are thinking where to begin with 15mm Japanese Fantasy then perhaps consider the SGFP1 Sengoku Set I (with a saving) for your core creatures and then SGFP33 Guild Hunters for five hunters.  From there go in any direction you choose in this the biggest array of 15mm Japanese Fantasy miniatures in the world.

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