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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Obidiahs Deserter Army set remolded and now singles!

We are delighted to present a classic Flintloque set now in new molds and expanded out onto the website for 2021.  From the late 1990's it is 5006 Obidiahs Army sixteen character miniatures on foot.  Go HERE for the deserter army or read on for more.

The Dwarf paused as Obidiah stirred in his sleep. The Orc‟s snoring became broken as he rolled over, mumbling incoherently “...git im muvver, shall y'no...”. Furtively glancing round the camp at the other sleeping forms of his deserter „comrades‟, Sven Nockwusrt silently thanked the gods which had seen him pull guard duty this night and thanked providence for giving him the opportunity that he craved. As Obidiah's guttural snoring rhythmically sounded around the camp once more, Sven cautiously moved towards the Orc and the object of his nefarious stalking - Obidiah's bicorne!

Since joining the deserter band two weeks previous, Sven had noticed the strange practice “General” Obidiah had of whispering and talking into his hat. Of course there could only be one explanation for this seemingly insane behaviour - it must contain some item of value, maybe gold or even a treasure map - yes, surely a treasure map!

Slowly, and with extreme care, Sven prised the bicorne from Obidiah‟s fingers and carried it carefully back to the smouldering ashes of the campfire. Sitting down, he opened the bicorne and looked inside... nothing? Nothing?!! Verdamndt!! Where was the treasure?! Surely the Orc wasn't so insane that he talked to his empty hat?! Mad enough to call a hat Muvver?!!!

It was a question for which Sven would never receive an answer. Before he could utter a sound, a swarthy calloused hand covered his mouth, whilst a knife was jammed up under his chin, burying itself deep within the Dwarf‟s brain.

Dropping the corpse to the ground, Obidiah licked his knife clean before picking his bicorne up off the floor. Stroking it affectionately, Obidiah whispered quietly;

"No one touches you Muvver, No one..."

So begins the story of former Sergeant of the 62nd Foote now turned General of the Deserter Army one Obidiah Hogswill.  One of the most eclectic and interesting armies in the World of Valon you will find many different races and ranks within it but all with one thing in common; that their own armies want to see them swing from a rope!

We have produced new pictures of this set and now each of the sixteen poses can be had on its own in any amount plus the full set gives a ten percent discount off single purchases.  Here is a list of the characters:

5006A General Obidiah Hogswill  

5006B Abu-Saul Wohaar 

5006C Messa Gruga 'the troll' 

5006D Dotti Bonkins 

5006E Lamond Adagain  

5006F Svien Dirkschnieder 

5006G Ulf Schenker 

5006H Eric Moriati 

5006I Jean Moriati 

5006J Miguel de Monte

5006K Castrado de los Spheros 

5006L Carlos los de Marbelos 

5006M Norman Buxtar

5006N Jon Grantighte 

5006O Rocknie Hoofer 

5006P Pog Mahone 

See them HERE along with all the other deserters and a limited edition mounted General Obidiah too.  

It is our intention to continue the growth of Flintloque in 2021 not only with brand new releases and with re-mastered existing packs but also with remolding and offering as singles other big sets such as Obidiah's Cavalry.  There is so much to see in the World of Valon.

Every order this month automatically gets a free 'Case of Shotte' model added to it (see it HERE) and this is really great for Flintloque scenarios involving the Deserter Army.   

Later this week in conjunction with the fantastic Flintloque resources website Orcs in the Webbe we will bring you the 5006 Obidiah's Army booklet fully updated to 3rd edition rules with lots of added statistics and rules for characters in play.  Watch out for news on this.  

On Valentines Day we are posting up a brand new free Flintloque scenario called 'Boom Boom Bonkins' which will see leading lady Dotti in a solo play adventure involving Orc Dragoons as she springs a surprise upon an ex-amore!  This will be on our blog to download.

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