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Monday, 1 February 2021

Case of Shotte free in February orders and News at Alternative Armies

The shortest month of the year needs some boom in it.  Love may be in the air in February but now you can also put your enemies in play in the air at speed too!

Free Case of Shotte in every order shipped this month.  This will happen automatically and all this is required is that your order is to be shipped (no digital download orders only sorry!) anywhere in the world.  You can order as many times as you wish and you can order 56537C Case of Shotte as well; you will get one free in every package every time.  Worth 2.00GBP and now separated from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set it was sculpted by Steve Young and is great for any horse and musket game or fantasy and of course Fintloque.

A box of bombs along with a barrel of black powder and some coils of rope or perhaps quick fuse.  Go HERE for this.

We have a growing choice in our 28mm Terrain Range which is well worth checking out.  From abandoned wagons (who would leave behind full casks of beer?) to dead horses and hand carts plus many different barricades.  Some rather odd things too such as a Carrot Heap.  For smaller items we have Bits and Sprues featuring tankards, glasses, papers, fruit and much more.

You can find rules for Artillery, Exotic Weapons, Bombs and more in 5027 Grapeshotte 3rd edition an expansion book which slots into any of the game books and is a great detailed read.  In Print and as a Digital Download on the Flintloque Game System page.

Mad Pudigroan Dogman by Edward Jackson.  This month at Alternative Armies we working on many things behind the scenes which you will see from March onwards but that does not mean we have nothing to offer across February oh no.  We have a classic Flintloque box set re-mastered and returning with new pictures and single pose choices.  We will have a full full size Valentines themed scenario to go with it and a tie in with Orcs in the Webbe.  A new fantasy race comes to Valon from the hands of John Bell adding to the Frontear range.  A new pack and singles for Sengoku as we continue with the next set.  Renaissance 15mm new releases with more Landsknechts but these fellows do not walk into the battle.  The Grey Army gets a new code in the HOF Range which will lend some strength to these 15mm aliens.  Plenty of tabletop fun and it looks like the print run of Advanced Laserburn is about to run out so we will arrange for its replacement too.  All this news will come in our email and on our blog and social media this month.

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