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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Flintloque free Valentines Scenario: Boom Boom Bonkins

Flowers, Hearts, Adoration and more mark this day of the year so it is only fitting that a wee free scenario does too.  A solo play micro scenario for Flintloque featuring everyone's favourite amorous Halfling Miss Dottin Bonkins.  You can see the Deserter Army on our website HERE and download a free seventeen page booklet full of game stats, characters, fiction and more for Obidiahs Army HERE over on Orcs in the Webbe.  You will need the booklet as well as your Flintloque game book for this scenario.

Boom Boom Bonkins – Micro Scenario:  It was love or at least that is what Captain Gutrorc told Dotti and she believed him. The Dragoon rode off and took her purse and heart with him. Now, with the help of Messa Gruga, Pog Mahone and a stolen case of howitzer shells Dotti is going to deliver a blow which he will never forget..or survive.  A micro scenario for solo play.  Can you restore honour or will the Orc Dragoons dishonour the lady further.  Download the PDF from our website server by CLICKING HERE.

A fun little scenario which takes about fifteen miniatures to play out and of course you can use other miniatures if you prefer.  In fact you can take the romantic aspect out all together if you desire.  I lost twice and won once as Dotti which is about right for my playtesting.

If you want to know more then visit our Begin in Flintloque page HERE.

We have hundreds of free files to download which cover Flintloque, Slaughterloo, USEME, DarkeStorme, Furioso, Erin and other game systems of ours.  See them all HERE.  There is also a dedicated page HERE on which all of the free files for The Ion Age are placed so if you play Patrol Angis check that out. 

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