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Wednesday 1 November 2023

BR041 Drop Pod 6mm released from Bradley Miniatures

New and now on the website the forty first code in the expanding 6mm Bradley Miniatures Science Fiction Range.  Adding to an array of infantry, heavy infantry walkers, light to heavy vehicles, tanks, mecha and a mighty dropship we present the Drop Pod.

When you need to get two fire-teams into the action sharpish then you want to be spat at the ground in a drop pod.  Used in infiltration and full scale assaults it is to the elite troops that places are given aboard these pods.

BR041 Drop Pod:  Choose from a single kit or pack of four. Each Drop Pod is made of a single piece metal hull and sprue of four doors. Assembled it is 20mm tall.  Scaled to fit with Bradley 6mm Grenadier Infantry (BR008 etc).

The drop pod goes in nicely alongside the rest of the Bradley Miniatures 6mm range.

Our any scale AS016 War Bot is 40mm tall and is excellent as a 6mm scale titan with its cockpit in the shoulder and top mounted sensor and comms cluster.  Here you can see it next to Bradley Miniatures 6mm Infantry and the ST01 Government Building (Arid World).

We have a full range of twenty eight different 6mm Arid World Buildings as singles and as value sets with savings too.

Written by Vic Dobson life long wargamer UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction is a straight forward set of wargame rules in print and digital download. Skirmish, Battle, Build your own Forces and Solo Play too.  Great value and really easy to pick up.  One of many titles in the USEME System.

This is our only 6mm scale release until the end of 2023.  Thank you for your attention.

GBS (Gavin Syme)

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