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Thursday 23 November 2023

Creatures of Chaos range returns Asgard 80’s Fantasy by Bibby, Blanche and Goodwin

Not often is it possible to return to the world something wonderful in its complete form but this is such a day. In 1982 Asgard Miniatures released the Creatures of Chaos Range sculpted by Nick Bibby, Jez Goodwin and John Blanche.  It is now on its own page of the restored Asgard drop down menu of the website.  Our set was painted by the talented Studio Maxi Costales bringing them to life.

Nine different...very different...miniatures as singles or as a value set of all nine of them with a saving.

CC0 Creatures of Chaos Set (9 Miniatures with a Saving)

CC1 Running Hornhead  (35mm total height)

CC2 Many Armed Skulker (30mm total height)

CC3 Hawk Footed Stabber (40mm total height)

CC4 Hoofer Bladesman (30mm total height)

CC5 Crabclaw (40mm total height)

CC6 Trunkhand Tuskoid  (40mm total height)

CC7 Four Fang (35mm height, 45mm long)

CC8 Hideous Octopoid (28mm total height)

CC9 Crested Weremonkey (23mm total height comes with separate wings)

Sculpted by Nick Bibby except for CC6 by John Blanche and CC7 by Jez Goodwin he of The Barbarians Range.

A majestic (and also the largest single piece metal miniature we produce) often listed alongside the Creatures of Chaos figures is the D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut by Nick Bibby.  A real centre piece for an army it is 110mm long.  

A source of real price for Alternative Armies was the restoration of NB2 Dragon which was issued initially as a 200 only limited run of boxed metal models (over half a kilo of metal).  We have a couple of these limited kits on site.  This famous Dragon is now a resin kit at a much lower price and an easier a lot, lot lighter.  

Thanks for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme)

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