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Monday 6 November 2023

Grima Robotic Infantry 28mm released at The Ion Age

A big expansion to the massive 28mm Ion Age miniature range with sixteen new poses, a new faction and taking us up to over two hundred and thirty different poses.  Wow!

The Planetary Militia are present on virtually every world of the Prydian Precinct and while the bulk of its troops are Men and Women there is another type of soldier who fights; the Grima Combat Robots.  Under Human control at all times and incapable of independent thought these machines selflessly serve using the same weapons and equipment that regular Planetary Militia’s do. Specialist operators control them issuing programmed orders.  

If you wish to read in depth into the Guran Activation in 4302IC and about the Grima there is an article on our BLOG for you (it also includes scale photos).

There are three packs of Grima Robots and a pack of PM Controllers.  As always a pack offers a wee saving over singles and every miniature is a single in the range too.  See all of the GRIMA ROBOTS or the PLANETARY MILITIA on the website refined searches.

IB63 Planetary Militia Grima Control Squad (IA217,IA218,IA219,IA220)

The Human operators and maintainers of the Combat Robots.

IB64 Grima Robot Squad (IA221,IA222,IA223,IA224)

Typical Rifle armed robots for your forces.

IB65 Grima Robot Support Squad (IA225,IA226,IA227,IA228) 

Heavier Weapons to mix into your forces.

IB66 Grima Robot Assault Squad (IA229,IA230,IA231,IA232)

For close in action including urban and room based combat.

If you want to take to the fray in full then look to IB06 Grima Robot Platoon which contains all sixteen poses with two of them being included for free!

Here are four painted examples of typical ‘uniforms’ of the Grima Combat Robot.  Every planet has its own ideas on colouration with some core worlds matching the robots to regiments of Muster or even Retained powered plate armour.

Currently in the works at Alternative Armies are playing drafts of MOTH 2.0 and early work on a new edition of Firefight as well.  These, among many other updates, will feature mechanics for the Grima Robots.  More news on this in 2024.

Thank you for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme)

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