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Friday 10 November 2023

Grima Robotic Infantry 15mm released at The Ion Age

One of the largest ranges of 15mm scale sci-fi miniatures in the world gets bigger today with the reveal of Grima Combat Robots and their Planetary Militia operators. The Ion Age 15mm Range

The Planetary Militia are present on virtually every world of the Prydian Precinct and while the bulk of its troops are Men and Women there is another type of solider who fights; the Grima Combat Robots. Under Human control at all times and incapable of independent thought these machines selflessly serve using the same weapons and equipment that regular Planetary Militia’s do. Specialist operators control them issuing programmed orders. 
If you wish to read in depth into the Guran Activation in 4302IC and about the Grima there is an article on our BLOG for you. 
As with the entire 15mm range we have packs (within which you can purchase any single pose in any amount) as well as a platoon pack with a unique extra free figure in it. Browse the over 250 codes of miniatures or see all of the GRIMA ROBOTS or the PLANETARY MILITIA on the website refined searches. 
Pack of twenty five poses plus 
free unique Planetary Militia Grima Repair Trooper 
Pack of ten (or choose singles) miniatures 
giving you core rifle and squad support weapon poses. 
Pack of ten (or choose singles) miniatures giving you 
platoon level support weapon poses and loader poses. 
Pack of five (or choose single) miniatures 
giving you the Planetary Militia operator poses and Grima guards for them. 
Patrol Angis, Callsign Taranis and The Khanate Return (three book bundle)
If you want to get into the action of The Ion Age we recommend Patrol Angis. Three books covering the core game, larger games and big vehicles and the return of the alien Shia Khan. There is also the Game Pack which comes with all the miniatures you need to begin plus the core book with a saving. Read more on the website. Also see the Free Content page for Ion Age containing a hundred articles, scenarios and more. 
Thank you for Reading, 
GBS (Gavin Syme)

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