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Monday 6 November 2023

Combat Robots and Sentient Machines in The Ion Age

A special article for The Ion Age which tells the story of Combat Robots, the Grima series from concept to miniatures in two scales plus the story from the universe explaining why Artificial Intelligence (Sentient Machines) are outlawed in Prydian Space. 

The Gurtan Activation is a dark chapter in the recent history of the Prydian Precinct. Before the civil war became a reality and peace was the mainstay, a terrible awakening happened in Gurtan Prime the most settled planet in that star system. While many planets did have small enclaves of artificial intelligence rated as emotion capable sentients, only Gurtan Prime had gone as far as linking its entire web of infrastructure to a single machine mind of that supreme kind. That same mind determined that Human life was unwanted and as a result almost the entire population of the planet was murdered in a thousand different ways. Machines usually demure and kindly went haywire and the most lofted planetary climate control system poured snow and lightning for days at a time. The whole star system is in total quarantine and a fleet holds position there to prevent anyone getting on…or anything getting out. There have been attempts. 
As a result of the Gurtan Activation in 4302 IC all sentient artificial intelligence in the Precinct was purged without mercy. This left several million robotic infantry without command protocols and the Prydian Army short of manpower. As a result of this, these and more robotic infantry to follow were re-named the ‘Grima’ series and turned into command prompt only droids. Droids operated by Human controllers at the platoon level. Grima are used widely by wealthier Planetary Militia but are shunned by most of the Retained and all Starvaulters. 
Grima Robotic Infantry come in a series of forms with most being about the same of a Human and in the same proportions. Armed with typical weapons of the force they belong to they do not have in-built weapon systems. Heavier forms sport support weapons at the platoon level. Controllers operate the robots giving them commands which they follow until countermanded or they are unable to comply. It is an effective combination and there is no chance of rampant awakening in these machines which on Gurtan took the place of mankind. 
A final mention must be given to the recently fabricated Brant Combat Robots which are patterned after the Grima but are much larger. A response to the Shia Khan legions putting ever more Warlords and especially Psycoborgs into the front lines and infiltrator missions. The Brant has been created to be able to go toe to toe with a Psycoborg and carries weapons normally found on light to medium vehicles. 
 POSTER PRINT -  PIA002 Matter Gateway Nox
Check out the Ion Age Rule Systems page for game books, posters and more. 

Click on the concept art above to make it full size. Created in 2015 by Sam Croes this sketch confirmed a man sized humanoid machine with many common features of Planetary Militia and Muster in it. The ribbing being a feature of Aketon pattern armour and the head shape referencing security machines. In 2017 the Grima were given playing rules for Patrol Angis in the third book The Khanate Return. Then in 2022 more than forty poses were sculpted in 28mm and 15mm scale releasing in 2023. As we work towards the next new title in The Ion Age the Grima and other robots will get rules for 28mm scale too. 

In the Ion Age 28mm Scale Range the Grima exist as singles, packs and a platoon along with their Planetary Militia operators. Find them on the site or this specialised SEARCH
Here is a 28mm scale comparison photo with a Retained Knight, a Planetary Militia trooper, a Female Betrayer and from the Alternate Stars range the Info Bot

In the huge Ion Age 15mm Scale Range the Grima exist as squad packs (pick poses from these) plus a platoon pack which contains an extra unique miniature. Find them on the site or this specialised SEARCH
 Patrol Angis, Callsign Taranis and The Khanate Return (three book bundle)
There will be a Patrol Angis free full size scenario featuring Grima Combat Robots against the Shia Khan Empire in early 2024. Rules for the Planetary Militia and Combat Robots can be found in IAB03 The Khanate Return book. If you wish to post a comment to ask a question or make a suggestion please do so. 
GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager of Alternative Armies)

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