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Friday 17 November 2023

Flower of Evil II any scale model free in all orders until 8th Jan 2024

Welcome to the new free in any shipped order period!  We say goodbye to the free AS023 Info Bot which has now joined the regular website for sale in the Alternate Stars range and say hello to the most requested new free code of the year.  A sequel to EH01 Flower of Evil we present EH08 Flower of Evil II.  An any scale miniature.

We like to keep the fun in tabletop gaming and to this end as our customers will know and eagerly await we give something away free in packages. No limit on the number of orders, no minimum size of order. No catch at all except that your order must be for a physical item (no Digital Download only orders sorry).  Until 8th January 2024 the Flower of Evil II will be included automatically.

EH08 Flower of Evil II.  A one piece resin miniature which is 47mm in total height.

What can you do with a Flower of Evil?  A lot it seems from space opera sci-fi to post apocalyptic as well as eldritch horror and fantasy too in scales from 28mm to 15mm to 6mm.  Here are some examples of the Flower to give ideas.

A Fomorian from Erin Celtic Myth shows you can have such a curse from the gods on your mythic Irish table.  High Fantasy Dwarves are well suited to hunt such creatures as this plant in their mines.

Not all of Valon is civilised like Armorica where the Elves rule but a pistol will work all the same upon a Magike Plant if one is found...

There is much alien life in the Prydian Precinct and not all of it is the Shia Khan Empire's troops.  Grima Combat Robots in 28mm scale and 15mm scale will shoot on sight of killer plants.

Worlds of Fantasy have Monsters a plenty and marching armies of High Elves can face magic creations barring their paths too.

Perhaps the Flower was a creation of the Grey Aliens or it has been discovering on an alien world by this scout car from Bradley Miniatures 15mm range.

Summoned from beyond by an Inquisitor from the TOR Range (warning Adult Theme Miniatures) as an Eldritch curse or a giant towering plant in your 6mm collection.

We hope you like this most asked for new free miniature and have a good weekend.

Thanks for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme)

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