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Monday 13 November 2023

Pucci Servants and Pucci Warband new in 28mm Erin Celtic Myth range

The smallest of the Fomorian race and most numerous the Pucci are used as servants, fodder and even sport by larger Fomorians.  From the seas and from Tory Island the Fomorians raid the lands to carry off riches, slaves and livestock. See the Erin Celtic Myth Range for Fomorians, Sidhe, Fir Bolg, Milesians as well as creatures, heroes, gods and the Half Dead.  This time five new Pucci and a saver warband of all the twenty new poses of them from this year.

Alternative Armies has been expanding the unique Erin range all during this year and the last new releases for 2023 are happening now. Now at over one hundred and ten poses plus a chariot and monsters mythical Ireland lives on the tabletop.

Five new miniatures as singles with a header code of CM31. Unarmed these Servants are fit to aid or hinder your Heroes and Champions causing all manner of mischief.

CM31-01 Pucci Servant Hands on Knees

CM31-02 Pucci Servant Mocking

CM31-03 Pucci Servant Running

CM31-04 Pucci Servant Crouched

CM31-05 Pucci Servant Cowering

Fomorians grow with age and become stronger and more deadly as they do.  Pucci turn into Warriors who mature into Storm Warriors and Spell Weavers and a few grow to become Champions and even legendary Heroes such as Lord of the Fomorians Culach.

Now on the website is the fifth of our Erin Warbands the CMB5 Fomorian Pucci Horde joins a saver set for Fomorians, Sidhe, Milesians and Fir Bolg giving you a ready made force for the table.  The Pucci Warband has twenty different little sea devils in it making a mass in play.

We have the mighty CMM00 All of Erin Bundle which contains one of EVERY miniature in the Erin range with a 5% saving built in for those who wish to get all there is in one bundle.  Above you can see CM15 the Hero Fionn MacCumhail and his War Hound standing and sitting.  Every pose in the range is a single for maximum choice.

Not all Fomorians raid the coast or carry off maidens...some just wanna give you prezzies.  A fun code our 28mm scale SN11 Festive Pucci do just that in their cute wee hats and mittens.  Add them to your collection.

The Celtic Myth range will continue to expand in 2024 and early rules testing is currently underway on a new edition of the Erin tabletop wargame. You can currently get Erin 2nd edition (2005) as a paid digital download at a great discount though.

Thanks for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme)

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