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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Chukk Squad released by Grinning Skull

Chukk are the deadly brainwashed minions of the League of Anthracks. These mutant ground bird hybrids are psychotic shock troops that willingly sacrifice themselves in battle for the pleasure of their oggum masters. In the repertoire of the evil and twisted Okvan scientists of the League, as well as Treatment Y, there exists "Stimulant X", the agent from which these creatures are made. 

It all begins when the scientists choose a suitable "eggmutha". An Eggmutha is one of the largest and meanest of the native giant ground birds, fertile enough to produce hundreds of eggs in the process. the Eggmutha's are then restrained and force fed specially formulated feed to make them lay rapidly. The eggs are incubated separately and during which, the developing embryos are administered stimulant X daily, until they hatch.

Once hatched, the process produces fully developed Chukk. they are then taken to a secret conditioning centre to begin the "training". This involves many parts, from electric shock therapy, to weeks long narcotic based brainwashing programs, that will strip way any placidity and harden them for war. This makes them deadly in conflict, as wave after wave will serve as fodder for the real attack. Their absolute fearlessness isn't the only thing that makes them feared, but rather the other attributes that come from their creation. If a chukk becomes too stimulated at any point, they will begin to mutate. Mutated chukk are known as Warp-chukk, this form makes them double or triple in size and mass and begin to break from the shackles of their mental programming. They will attack anything close, gathering in violent momentum culminating in the volatile gases within them exploding and causing carnage. However, a warp-chukk may continue to mutate, giving form to even deadlier forms such as the chukkasaurus rex and the mighty clukkatrix. Many sorts of birds are used in the experiments, inculding Turkeys, pheasants, grouse, ducks and geese, and even vultures in the mix. Not all of them work out as successfully as the standard chukk, but probably the most receptive genus used are the mutant Dodo stock, known as the Doodah. 

So successful in the process, they often keep some sembalance of sanity and mostly never break. They are often seen in elite units in numbers, or leading other types of chukk in battle or labour. Chukk do break the cycle, and go rogue often, so it is not uncommon to see mercenary units on any side. They usually have an axe to grind about the past masters and thirst for revenge against the League, and its heard that this can even happen in battle, swaying the tide of war in favour of the league's enemies. All in all, the chukk are a foe not to be underestimated and are renown for sheer savagery by survivors of conflicts they were a part of..... 

Alternative Armies presents more releases from Will Grundy's fantastical miniatures line Grinning Skull. These brand new releases are single miniatures and a value squad pack for the mutant bird folk called Chukk! These white metal 28mm scale miniatures (20mm tall approx) are great for science fiction and post apocalyptic wargaming with any rules system. We hope you like them as much as we do. You can see them HERE

GRN40 Chukk Doodah Trooper 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Dodo mutation with a big bore rifle. 

GRN41 Chukk Trooper I 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Chicken mutation with an SMG. 

 GRN42 Chukk Heavy Weapons Bazooka 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Chicken mutation with a missile launcher. 

 GRN43 Chukk trooper II 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Chicken mutation with an assault rifle. 

GRNP04 Chukk Squad (10) 9.00GBP 
This value pack gathers together codes GRN40 to GRN43 for a total of ten miniatures randomly but evenly mixed in terms of poses. A whole squad with a 10% saving off single miniature prices. There are more releases to come this month for Grinning Skull. We have already released the Alien Kize and the Oggbot Squad plus the Oggum Oggra. See our blog post for a list of what is coming HERE. There will be a value set of all the releases once the last new pack is out. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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