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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Oggum Oggra released by Grinning Skull

An Oggra is the biggest and meanest strain of the Oggum. Strong and dangerous, ideally suited to battle or hard labour, but low on IQ, which is generally exploited by their smaller cousins. On the homeworld, oggum scientists have learned to stimulate the Y chromosome in growing ogglets, using a chemical compound known as "treatment Y", originating in the dark and secret labs of the Von Ok line in Okva. The Von Ok's are allied to the League of Anthracks, and supply the Leagues troops with the main bulk of elite soldiers, chukk and warbeasts, who are direct results of their cruel and twisted experiments. Oggra created there are subjected to the usual mind control techniques and conditioning, before being shipped out to bolster League forces around the globe. 

To combat these abominations, the Og Imperialists have used a refined version of the treatment on conscripted oggum adolescents (with varying results) so, it is not uncommon to find these creatures in the employ of the empire too. 

Oggra can occur naturally, starting as any normal ogglet, only to swell to big proportions in a short time. These Oggra are rare, which is a good thing really, given the amount of precious resources they take up and consume each day, many settlements may struggle to support such a brute. Sometimes their births are seen as a curse, and are thrown out and left to fend for themselves. These Oggra can turn savage and prove to be problematic to local warlords if they reside near the warlords territory. While they won't win any medals for their intelligence, the make up for in battle and intimidation, and are a rare prize to any would be warlord for his retinue. 

Alternative Armies presents a single release from Will Grundy's fantastical miniatures line Grinning Skull. This release is a single large miniature. Added muscle for the Oggum. This white metal 28mm scale miniature is great for science fiction and post apocalyptic wargaming with any rules system. We hope you like it. Go HERE

GRN34 Oggum Oggra (Pig Ogre) 4.00GBP 
One large miniature (35mm in height) armed with heavy pistol. 

There are more releases to come this month for Grinning Skull. See our blog post for a list HERE

If you missed the last release you can see the Kize Aliens HERE

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