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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Zarglian Invaders released by Grinning Skull

From the depths of space, the Zarglian invaders come with planetary dominion in mind. These tentacled marauders have arrived to dominate all other lesser lifeforms with their superior prowess and intellect, till all falls to the zarglian race. The Zarglian Stellar sovereignty spans countless worlds and systems, over centuries they have taken planet after planet and subdued many alien civilisations. Usually backwater worlds that offer little resistance to an invasion. Ruled by a ruthless royal line, much of their dominance can be seen as little more than a statement about how great and terrible they are (as can be seen by their huge heads!) It is the Zarglian way to assume that they are the highest form of life in the known galaxy, so humble is not a word they know how to use, and neither is subtle, favouring large displays of power just to show the enemy just how great they are and everything else is insignificant compared to their great empire. 

Zarglians are identified by their two main striking features. First is their huge heads and massive pulsating fleshy brains. Often they choose to adorn themselves in elaborate head dress, to further extenuate just how big their brains can be. This is due to their custom of those who have the biggest brain, are usually more intelligent. Contrary to the fact, an average Zarglian is no more smarter than any other star faring race, they just imagine themselves to be. Even though the brain appears to be soft and squishy, it is quite tough and is not easily damaged as you'd think, this comes from millennia of evolution and adaptation , which without it, they would have died out a long time ago. 

The other feature that distinguishes them from other creatures is the sea of writhing tentacles they possess as appendages. This makes them surprisingly fast and agile, able to do many things at once. It is unknown how many tentacles zarglians have exactly, experts would say that the number varies per being. With their like of racial superiority, it could be said that this might figure in a similar manner to the brain size. You'd imagine that due to their appearance they require a large amount of water to survive and that is why they seek new worlds to conquer. This is not the case, long have they evolved the ability to operate in many a locale and their tech aboard the saucer shaped crafts is more than adequate to provide them with all to survive. indeed their technology is advanced, lasers, sonic weapons, disintergrators and rayguns, as well as hyperspace capabilities and teleportation. They are ahead in terms of psionic ability, using mind bending telepathic devices to communicate to other races, probably just to taunt their foes and tell them of their impending conquest! So, prepare to serve your new intergalactic masters, and hail the great Zarglian Emperor and prepare for world wide invasion! 

Alternative Armies presents three new miniatures for the Grinning Skull line sculpted by Will Grundy. These miniatures are single releases and a value pack too for the awesome Zarglian Invaders from beyond the stars! They are 28mm scale resin miniatures which are great for science fiction, post apocalyptic as well as retro and world of the worlds type wargaming with any rule system. We hope you like them as much as we do. You can see them HERE

GRN31 Zarglain Invader I 2.50GBP 
One tentacle brain alien with ray gun. 

GRN32 Zarglian Invader II 2.50GBP 
One tentacle brain alien with ray gun. 

GRN33 Zarglian Invader III 2.50GBP 
One tentacle brain alien with energy pulse weapon. 

GRNP02 Zarglian Invaders (5) 11.25GBP 
This value pack gathers together codes GRN31 to GRN33 for a total of five miniatures randomly but evenly mixed in terms of poses. A squad with a 10% saving off single miniature prices. 

There have been many releases for Grinning Skull in the last few weeks from more Oggum to Ogbots and Pig Ogres and Mutant Chickens and Kize Aliens and more. They are all on their own section of our website as single miniatures, value packs and whole sets. Go HERE to visit them. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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