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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Clukkatrix giant mutant chicken released by Grinning Skull

These beasts are what nightmares are made, huge mutated chukk let loose on the enemy in a whirl of claws and feathers, a terrible sight to behold. When a chukk warrior has been "evolved" through either over stimulation, or artificially, it may become a Warp-chukk, or indeed a monstorous Clukkatrix. So wild and dangerous are they, that any mind control methods are no use any more, and these creatures are free to roam where ever they like, attacking anything in sight and devouring the victims. The mutation shift, harkens back to ancient DNA locked inside from aeons ago, so their appearance is that of a mixed avian and saurian variety, and produces a beast running on pure instinct. 

Clukkatrix have several deadly forms of attack, a sharp razor like beak and claws, slash, peck and rend the enemy (and ally) to a bloody pulp, while their noxious belches and farts release clouds of deadly poisonous gas that are generated from the rapid mutations. Often this gas build up leads to them exploding when destroyed, causing even more gore and carnage. The Clukkatrix are by no means a stable mutation unlike the Chukkasaurus or other chukk mutant strains, so don't tend to last long once changed. It still can happen that eventually they may calm down enough to revert back to a chukk, the chances are slim though, since the Clukkatrix's rage escalates with momentum once it has changed. 

Any force that counts chukk in its ranks are prone to this change, which can be a blessing, or a curse, that is of course depending upon the wind of fate, as an unlucky warlord may find himself and his best troops nearby to a chukk that has changed form, or be too close when it's final cock-a-doodle-doo, becomes shock-a-doodle-boom! 

Alternative Armies presents a fantastically crazy single release from Will Grundy's fantastical miniatures line Grinning Skull. This release is a single large miniature supplied in grey tone high quality resin. This 28mm scale miniature is great for science fiction and post apocalyptic wargaming with any rules system. We hope you like it. Go HERE

GRN48 Clukkatrix (Giant Mutant Chicken) 5.00GBP 
One large miniature (40mm in height) with razor sharp claws and beak. 
(shown with Clukk for scale 20mm tall). Assembly required.

There are a lot of miniatures in the Grinning Skull line including aliens, pig mutants, goat mutants, pig bots and much more. However if you are keen on the Cluckkatrix then you might well find GRNP04 Chukk Squad interesting as it contains the infantry sized dodo and chicken mutants to support this big beast. You can visit the range HERE

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