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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Trolka Army of Bob McAlister

As well as being a personal friend of mine from across the pond in the USA Mr McAlister, or Bob to his buddies, is a long term player and fan of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Recently he took some pictures of his impressive collection of Trolka and Trolkin.  The mighty Trolls of Skandavia and Copendaz are one of his favourite armies to field along with Joccian Ratmen and Von Rotte Dwarves. 

He gave me permission to share a short tale and his pictures with you all.  Enjoy and if you are interested in the Trolka as single miniatures or units or a whole division you can find them in resin at half the price of the original white metal on our website HERE.  Over to you Bob!

Trolka Cavalry on Giant Moose!
Trolka Jager 'light infantry'
Trolka Artillery Crew
The mighty Trolka Line Infantry
This is Gen. Sven Svensson i'm here to tell you about my division of new recruits . I have only taken these new recruits out for field manoeuvres once and we did not have a full division, I was at half strength when I got the orders to engage the red line of Albion. The infantry unit of Fearch elves led the way with my smaller brethren the trolkin leading up the charge on my left. We advanced towards the enemy our flintloques belching out their smoke and ball but with so few troops we were not able to do much damage to that line. The moose riders tried to get in but were cut off and retreated.

Trolkin Line Infantry.  Smaller Trolls!
Elf Line Infantry.  Allies of Skandavia!
My Trolka brothers got up and took many wounds and had to retreat in order to save themselves but not until we took some of theirs out. I think we surprised the Albions with our great strength, to take so much damage and not flinch. But as I said with a bunch of new recruits and at half strength we had to retreat to fight another day. I just received our order to advance into battle with an army of short legs. Now at full count I feel that it might be a victory.

Gen. Sven Svensson.

Trolka General....Sven Svensson?
Thanks Bob!


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