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Sunday, 1 November 2020

Winter Mega Event 2020 at Alternative Armies is on!

Alternative Armies MEGA EVENT! The Winter Mega Event 2020. There is a lot to this offer which runs until 9am GMT Wednesday 1st December 2020 and it is all here.  Go to the WEBSITE and have a browse down to the left hand menu and within them sub-menu’s to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more.

15% Off Every Order At Checkout:  Once you have put everything into your cart proceed to checkout. Once there our website automatically deducts fifteen percent from the cart total on screen before payment is made.  This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site AND if the product is already discounted (such as a value pack or divisional army pack) then this discount will apply on top!  So for example all digital titles are 20% less than print and you will get a further 15% off them during the event. Note you may not use any other manually entered discount code during the event.

Free Brand New 28mm Miniature:  The Ice Queen is a fantastic character for any game system and it comes automatically free in every package sent out by us during November 2020.  You need do nothing other than order a physical product (digital only orders do not count sorry) and you can order the miniature itself as well if you wish and you will still get a free one too!  Worth 3.00GBP.  See the miniature HERE.

Free Shipping Levels:  You can see all our prices for shipping on our WEBSITE including courier shipping.  Free standard shipping comes in at more than 50.00GBP for the UK, 75.00GBP for Europe and North America, Rest of the World 80.00GBP.  Note you must reach this amount AFTER your discount is applied for the free shipping to come into force. The largest orders will be sent out for free shipping by UPS Courier and we will inform you of this by email.

Sixteen New Releases:  There are actually more than this number of new releases during this month long event but we counted all the 15mm Landsknechts as one for simplicity.  All these new codes are now on our website. Here is a list and all are in NEW RELEASES except the Landsknechts which you can find in the RENAISSANCE AND FURIOSO range.

28mm Scale

FL24-04 Ice Queen

56597 Pudigroan Dogman Grenadiers

56118 Dogman Field Marshal Mounted

58017 Kitoka Ashigaru Bows

VNT46 Skeleton Adventurers

15mm Scale

HOT129 Mummies  

SGFP44 Wild Kitsune 

HOF153 Grey Alien Portable Weapon Platform 

HOF154 Grey Alien Grav Skimmer

HOF155 Dominator Spheres 

BR1505 Devil Frog Artillery

Landsknechts 15mm Renaissance  (18 new poses): MR100 LK Loading Arquebus, MR101 LK Shoulder Mar Arquebus, MR102 LK Advancing Arqubus, MR103 LK 2H Sword Standing, MR104 LK 2H Sword Raised, MR105 LK 2H Sword Advancing, MR106 LK Halberd Shouldered, MR107 LK Halberd Standing, MR108 LK Halberd Guard, MR109 LK Halberd Advancing, MR110 LK Armoured Halberd Shouldered, MR111 LK Armoured Halberd Standing, MR112 LK Armoured Halberd Guard, MR113 LK Armoured Halberd Advancing, MR114 LK Crossbow Shouldered, MR115 LK Crossbow Loading, MR116 LK Crossbow Firing and MR117 LK Crossbow Advancing.

6mm Scale

BR035 Devil Frog Artillery

Deals, Bundles and Offers: We keep all of our biggest savings in one place across all our ranges. See them HERE. Save up to half price on these. Those keen on our Slaughterloo game system should visit it’s page HERE where divisional army packs already with a saving are all listed. Well worth checking out.  Including the 55030 Ghostly Bride and VNT5 Tree Demon which are 50% off this month.

Rule Systems and Digital Downloads: At Alternative Armies we have a selection of gaming titles in PRINT and as PAID DIGITAL DOWNLOADS all of which are in this Event. Note also that our download version are 20% cheaper than print and that is before adding them to the cart. Flintloque, Slaughterloo, DarkeStorme plus Sengoku Monster Hunter, Furioso, USEME and Doom Squad plus many more.

We accept many forms of payment through our website such as Paypal and Credit Cards plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question please make contact on or go to our Facebook Group or MeWe page or our Forum.

Thank you for reading and enjoy one of the biggest events of the year!


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