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Saturday 12 November 2022

Savage Lizardmen Flyers released and beast HOT 15mm Fantasy Range

“From a barbaric time in a savage land these cold blooded warrior and live in many tribes which often war with each other. Their armies shake the very ground as they advance in unity against the foes of their race.” 

Now released into the mighty HOT 15mm Fantasy Range the latest expansion to the Savage Lizardmen which now sees this army get three packs of flying riders and the beast they ride on its own too.  Above you see them swooping into action.  There are a total of twelve different riders and each pack contains four mounts and riders plus the sampler option of one random rider with beast.  This sampler option exists across the whole 150 packs of the range meaning skirmish gaming is very easy to achieve.

The new codes are:

HOT143 Terrorsaur Flying Creature (2)

HOT144 Savage Lizardmen Flying Blades (4)

HOT145 Savage Lizardmen Flying Warband (4)

HOT146 Savage Lizardmen Flying Bows (4)

The Terrorsaur will fit any human sized rider who is suitable for a horse as the sitting position can be high or low on the beast's neck.  Lots more pictures on the website from different angles.

Here is a scale shot of example Savage Lizardmen from the HOT133 Lizardman Behemoth to the HOT128 Lizard Ogre and then the warrior cavalry, flyer and on foot so you can see how they all work together.  There is a lot of choice now with eighteen different packs in the army.

UM002 USEME 15mm High Fantasy

This set of super simple rules gives you all you need for generic fantasy skirmish and mass battle with any miniatures.  In print and as digital download too if you want it instantly.  Read about what it has including 'between games' and 'magic system' too.  One of more than a dozen different titles in the USEME range.

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