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Monday 21 November 2022

Painted Miniature stock updated November 2022

Alternative Armies sells many thousands of painted miniatures every year to wargamers in the form of singles, skirmishing bands, units and entire armies.  If we have it then it is almost certain we will offer it painted if asked.  Our stock of ready to ship painted which you can see on Pro-Painted Fantasy, Pro-Painted Valon, Pro-Painted Science Fiction and lastly Pro-Painted 15mm Scale page.  As well as this stock we paint for customers to order.  

Our stock is now update for late November and among the eighty new additions are several festive range codes of Snowmen and a 15mm HOTT Xmas Army too.  See these on the Painted Fantasy Page.  This is our last painted update of the year.

Have a browse of the Painted World of Valon if you fancy a Flintloque or Slaughterloo painted code, or the Painted Terrain and Scenics of you want to populate your battlefield with items.  The Painted Science Fiction Miniatures page covers The Ion Age as well as other ranges.  Lastly our Painted 15mm Scale page gives you historical and other smaller scale offerings.

If you are keen on getting a quote for painting to contact us on with a list of proposed codes.  Our prices are very reasonable and include the miniature, its painting, its base, scenic basing effect and varnish (if you wish it) plus secure freight.  It is first come first booked until our team of painter ladies is up to capacity for December 2022 cut off so delivery sits in January now.

If you would like a painted HOTT 24AP Army or a Flintloque section or a Fantasy Skirmish Band, a Lance of Retained for Patrol Angis or a whole Slaughterloo Division among many things then let us know.

Thank for you for your attention.


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