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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

AS014 Alternate Stars 28mm Weapons Set released

Requested by our customers of 28mm science fiction miniatures from the Alternate Stars range as well as the The Ion Age range and the classic Asgard and Tabletop ranges new weapons now released.  Great for adding to any figures in your collection in their hands or on their backs and so forth.

AS014 Alternate Stars Weapons Set (Pack or Singles)

This weapons pack contains eleven different 28mm scale metal weapons which will fit any human or alien soldier in suitable pose or open handed. They can also be fitted to the back or waist or used in scenic builds. Choose from the pack or singles in any quantity by letter as follows:

A - Shoulder Mounted Projectile Weapon (45mm long)

B - Shoulder Mounted Energy Weapon (25mm long)

C - Two Handed Beam Weapon (20mm long)

D - Two Handed Flame Weapon (25mm long)

E - Heavy Drum magazine Shotgun (20mm long)

F - Magazine top mount energy rifle (20mm long)

G - Sliver Rifle (18mm long)

H - Scoped Combat Rifle (27mm long)

I - Magazine top mount SMG (18mm long)

J - Bullpup type SMG (15mm long)

K - Pistol with fore mounted magazine (8mm long)

There are three different bits packs in the 28mm Ion Age Range too.  IAC01 Retained Conversion Pack as well as IAC02 Muster Conversion Pack and IAC03 Khanate Conversion Pack.  Above you can see IB29 Planetary Militia who make use of the Moth Type 6 Rifle which is to be found in IAC02.

Meet the lovely R.U.F.U.S which stands for “Robotic Unit Fighting or Utility Servant” and this type of Android is deployed across the Star Empire to bolster troops.  It is also used by merc crews and brigantines as added muscle.  Over time their neural nets develop personalities. Use this larger model (40mm tall) in any game system of your choosing beyond our little snippet of possible setting.  Useful in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm settings as a war droid or personality.

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