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Friday 4 November 2022

FM76 Dragon Newt by Nick Bibby at Asgard 80's restored and released

A beast of magic and mystery.  Not quite a Dragon but its near kin and a long out of production miniature from the 1980's which is now restored.  Sculpted by the one and only Nick Bibby and in the Asgard Fantasy Range of 25mm / 28mm scale we are delighted to present the FM76 Dragon Newt.

We have now restored more than a hundred classic miniatures in this scale by Asgard and Tabletop Games and we will continue to do so here at Alternative Armies.  Thank you kindly for all the nice words and messages telling us that we are giving joy and happiness to wargamers and roleplayers who thought these designs lost to history.

As you can see the FM76 Dragon Newt is rather special and has a total length of 70mm and height of 30mm at its tallest.  Pictured here alongside contemporary 15mm Tabletop Games thief and 28mm Asgard Barbarian by Jez Goodwin.  Those two ranges are totally restored on the website.

The Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy Range nearly entirely returned to the world and among its dozens of 1980's codes you will find creatures such as 549 Giant Slugs and much more (pictured here with our HOT Savage Lizardmen).  Human Characters, Dwarf Characters, Undead, Centaurs as well as many monsters like the Arch Demon and The Ent.  Great for any game system.

Thank you for your support as always.


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