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Monday, 14 November 2022

Elf Revolutionary Duellists released for En Garde and Flintloque

The last new release for the World of Valon in 2022 is revealed!  A great code as pack and single miniatures too with three new Elves suitable for En Garde and for Flintloque too.  Heck even as officers of Elf Line units in Slaughterloo.

This painted trio kindly brushed into colour by Stone Cold Lead painting service. See their page over on Facebook

51049 Elf Revolutionary Duellists
This pack contains three 28mm scale metal miniatures giving you civilian or military officer duellists armed with pistol or rapier.  You can choose the pack or singles from the pack on its page. Elf in plain shirt aiming Pistol (A), Elf in Uniform aiming Pistol (B), Elf in plain shirt armed with a rapier (C).  Supplied with resin cartouche style bases for free. Very useful miniatures in 28mm scale sculpted by Elton Waters.

En Garde is a fast play new game of sword, pistol, horseback and other forms of duelling set in the fading days of the Crystal Empire. Rules written by Steve Danes author of Furioso and Monster Hunter.  You need only two miniatures to play and you can see all we have for it on the website including the book in print and as digital download (twenty percent cheaper) plus a bundle of book and ten miniatures with a saving.  There are also free files to read and game resources to make use of too.

Flintloque. These new miniatures fit right into skirmish gaming and can be used anywhere the Elves of Armorica have sent their troops. This means from the heat of Catalucia to the forests of Urop to the frozen nightmare of the Witchlands.  Slot them in with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set or 5026 Death in the Snow game book or shilling set.  You will find a lot of free resources on the Begin in Flintloque page including scenarios and character profiles.

We hope you like these new Elves and there will be more in the World of Valon in the bumper year that will be 2023!


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