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Saturday, 26 November 2022

DH16 Mountain Dwarfs 28mm Fantasy released

"The deep places and the halls of gold.  These are ours.  Be gone foul smelling Goblins and bone piles of the Necromancer.  You will taste our axes this night"

Now in our Dwarven Hosts 28mm fantasy range and adding to the fifty five other Dwarfs there plus Gnomes and of course Fnorr the Big 'Un a new pack of four miniatures which can also be had as singles in any quantity.

Each of these miniatures consists of a resin casting with a separate metal arm holding an axe.  Four different miniatures, four different arms and each arm will fit any of the four.  Each also comes with a separate shield which can be mounted on arm or left off if you prefer.  Average 24mm height.

DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem.  A resin 28mm scale kit is styled in the traditional manner of Dwarfs whose love of gold and mining has led them to use magic to artifice a big brutal runic golem to aid them in battle. Assembled from five highly detailed pieces with a small degree of pose the Golem is 65mm tall and is supplied with a 50mm square resin base.

We have a massive array of 28mm Fantasy of our own which you can see on the website collected by range as well as other ranges like Fantasy Warlord, Ganesha Games and the Asgard Tabletop restored.  Great for any game system. Here you can see VNT29-02 Stricken Adventurer which is in our Monsters and Creatures range which contains all manner of nasties for your adventurers to overcome and indeed chew on!

Barbarians of the Wilds.  Fantastic miniatures from the 1980's sculpted by Jez Goodwin and restored at Alternative Armies.  Singles or the set of all twelve with a saving or the set of a dozen with free Midsummer Druidess added in for free.  These fellows with deal with any monster!

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