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Thursday, 3 November 2022

VLE15 Michrana Carlos Todoroni for Flintloque released plus Elf Sappers return

A master of fashion is here in a new very limited edition code sculpted by new talent Nikki Chatwin in his first Flintloque and Alternative Armies miniature.  

We have a wide array of limited run codes for the World of Valon depicting characters and notables for the games.  See them all on the website.

VLE15 Michrana Cappelo Carlos

"Tiny Hat" Michrana Cappello Carlos...fabulous over weight eccentric, embellisher, storyteller, lover of fine foods and wines, art and fashion...he likes to see himself as military fashion mogul coming up with new trends claiming they are "straight from Ferach capital itself" like his iconic tiny hat (which many tease him for) with a single massive fiery feather which he "claims" he hand picked off the back of a slayed phoenix....on paper he's a master military tactician but as of yet has only seen one major battle in which he took shrapnel in the eye in the early moments of the battle, though if he tells you about the battle its a very different story ...he commands a small division know for their constant change in uniform design and colour as he can never decide what he likes, this has gone on to the division being nicknamed the "rainbow militia"..they are by far not the best soldiers around but by god they are the best looking "apparently".

The fifteenth VLE (Very Limited Edition) pack contains one metal miniature in 28mm scale (approx 32mm in height). Todoroni senior officer.  250 Numbered Packs Only then molds destroyed. Free Rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo can be found on its page for this pack on the website to use in play.

Returned to the website!  A classic Flintloque code the Elf Engineers are back in new molds and remastered.  Go to 51032 1er Sappuers de Ligne for some interesting poses for game use as pack and now as single choices too on page.  Rules for their use are in 5027 Grapeshotte expansion book for Flintloque.

Escape the Dark Czar!  The Flintloque beginners set is great value with ten resin miniatures, bases, dice and booklet with rules and three scenarios all included.  On our Begin in Flintloque page you will see this plus free materials and scenarios taking place after the ones in the booklet.

We have loads of Free Resources to downloads and to read.  These cover Flintloque and Slaughterloo and we as USEME, Furioso, Sengoku Monster Hunter and much more.  Have a scroll though them and take what you fancy into your device as a PDF.

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